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Monday 25 January 2016

My Cartooning Foray

A picture says more than a 1000 words can pen.

How I made cartoons for my book 'Ecommerce Unmasked'

I was trying to explain situations in my book 'Ecommerce Unmasked' which were so enraging that a page full of words were simply not enough. Reading many pages of text on would have required serious interest and effort. In a flash, I got the idea of cartoons, especially to lighten the reader’s mood.

Cartoons added a humorous angle, which made the book'd serious subject easier to grasp and accept. I realised that readers also want to poke fun at hilarious situations.

I had never drawn cartoons before and my last drawing was in school with a pencil on paper. I drew these cartoons online in photo editing software with a mouse. After experimenting, I developed a flair for ideating and creating cartoons.

I soon found that cartooning was creative and intelligent work, and enjoyed making them. Cartoons were one of the most interesting aspect of my book writing.

I resolve to make many cartoons again.
I suppose I can say I am a ‘cartoonist’.



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