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Wednesday 27 January 2016

Writing Ecommerce Fraud Cases

My book 'Ecommerce Unmasked' has 40 real cases of fraud.

Why did I become a case writer?

Cases can be understood by everyone. Whether you are in ecommerce, a student, a consultant, or a customer, you can grasp what happened in the case.
Cases give the real Indian context in the present time, and are not theory or global context.
Cases being the method of study in management schools, managements can quickly learn by cases.
I could have written chapters on each topic, but I think cases add a dash of realism and life to the book.

How did I write the cases?

I started by documenting my experiences as cases, but each complicated fraud incident would have run into more than 15 pages. Each incident was a mix of many frauds and risks, and would have been difficult for the reader to grasp.
The purpose of cases was not to tell my story but for the reader to understand each risk and aspect clearly, with a review explaining what went wrong, how it could have been avoided, omissions and commissions, issues, problems, solutions, loopholes, risks, best practices, and preventive measures.
I broke up each big case into many small cases, with each highlighting one risk or fraud. Soon, 40 cases were built up.
In real scenarios, combinations of risks and fraud are present dynamically and have to be evaluated together to take protective action in real time.

Think on your feet, and think out of the box.

Case studies are fresh, real, live and risky and fraud situations encountered by eCommerce companies selling consumer goods in India around the year 2012-16.
Risks and fraud relate to customers, fraudsters, eCommerce companies, marketplaces, sellers, vendors, logistics, and payment gateways.
Each action packed case is presented in formats which give a real picture of activities as they unfold. Initially, the cases merely stated material facts as paragraphs in past tense. They were rewritten thrice to make them interesting.
The case writing style is my own mix of play writing, mystery novels, company meetings, and management meetings. All cases are not written in the same style.
I liked creatively naming the cases by adding a new company name ….com and title. Example: ‘ - one billion card data stolen’, and ‘ - Oh master, where are you?’.
Writing the cases was a very interesting and creative activity.

Who done what?

Contributions of case stories were received confidentially and even anonymously, hence no names are taken to protect their identities. Usually, nobody likes to share bad experiences.

Do enjoy reading the cases, they are an eye popper and easy to read. As an online shopper, you may recognise a few situations you may have been through.



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