My Book- Ecommerce Unmasked: Hidden secrets to fight online battles

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Book Namkaran and Cover page design

Ecommerce Unmasked

The name Ecommerce Unmasked’ creates a sense of mystery and inquisitiveness 'what is the book about?'.

Of course, I created the name, after thinking of many names. I think the name is perfect, and would not want any other for my book.

Ecommerce Unmasked’ unmasks the real face of the consumer goods ecommerce industry in recent times. PR articles put out to support valuation talk about macro numbers of how the ecommerce industry is growing in leaps and bounds and multi-billion valuations at which funds were raised.

The unmasking reveals disruptive models, fraud, unethical predatory pricing, extreme competition, offline destruction, foreign funding, tax evasion, law breaking, and more.

Subtitle: Hidden secrets to fight online battles

Working in ecommerce is like fighting daily battles, there are no weekends, and the situation changes daily/ weekly/ fortnightly, just like formations change in a battle or war. Strategies have to be reviewed regularly; as the saying goes 'change is the only constant'. 

Working in ecommerce requires constant attention, being always alert to the environment. Competition is fierce, almost all Indian vendors are present online, fighting for customers and orders.

Cover page design
First of all, I created and designed the cover page, all by myself. Hope you like the cover, which is actually an awesome red but looks a few shades towards pink digitally on browsers. The thoughts which went into the creation were:

The red cover page background indicates a loss making situation for ecommerce companies and offline channels. Cracks are starting to emerge like offline retaliation, government investigations and action with fines, and regulation.

A sinister figure is bringing in to India, a shopping cart of goodies represented by icons of sales, social media, customer parties, online and COD payments, couriers, and customer support.

However, the cart's frame is made of foreign funding, fear, marketplace unethical competition, unexplainable high valuations, fraud and cyber crime.

The cart is supported by wheels, who are customers and various service providers; they are happy and unhappy.

I raise a question - where is the Indian ecommerce management, regulation and government?



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